Datin Dr. V.SivasakthiThis website will be a homepage and main portal for regional anaesthesia related activities in Malaysia. It contains guidelines, lecture notes, update news, media and links to worldwide websites about regional anaesthesia (RA). Most important, it has included a registry for regional anaesthesia, which is regarded as the first database in Malaysia, and perhaps in South East Asia.

This registry will serve as a platform for proper and complete data collection and recording of all cases involving regional anaesthesia in Malaysia. This is part of the quality initiative program to monitor the practice of RA and to achieve a “pain free hospital” status in this country. It is therefore important, that every doctor administering peripheral nerve blocks will participate in this data collection. The information gained from this data entry will be relevant to the future advances in the practice of regional anaesthesia in Malaysia.

Wish you all the best!

Special thanks to Abbvie for making it possible and for their support.

Head of Service for Anaesthesiology & Intensive Care Services,
Ministry of Health Malaysia